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Interview: No.1.Sweety .
viernes, 16 de septiembre de 2011 at 4:44 // 0 Comments // Author:

Today we present you a very beautiful and talented designer from Slovenia.

Her doll: No.1.Sweety

My name is Tina and I come from Slovenia. I love playing stardoll and making designs here, but most of all I love my stardoll friends :)!

1. What would it mean for you to achieve being Miss Stardoll World?

Every girl wants to be a miss and even this is only a game it would still be nice to be miss stardoll world and see yourself with the crown and pretend you are a princes of the year :)

2. How would you define your style?

I like girly style and elegant evening style the most. And I usually dress my doll this way. Probably because in every day life I dont have a lot opportunities to dress like this.

3. What suggestion would you give to stardoll for the next MSW?

This year the competition is really well prepared, cos more countries have an opportunity to take a part in it and also more sd members will be able to get a prize, so all I can say good work sd :)

Thank you, No.1.Sweety for taking the time to respond!

If you wish to visit her suite, click on the image...