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Interview to SportyAshley16
jueves, 6 de octubre de 2011 at 6:50 // 0 Comments // Author:

Nick: SportyAshley16
Country: Denmark

1. How does it feel to represent your country?
It feels amazing to represent Denmark, because we are a very small country, we only have 5 million habitants. Denmark is a beautiful country and I am extremly proud of representing it. Denmark is famous for Hans Christian Andersen, The little mermaid, art, design, fashion and we are a green country, everybody own a bike to travel around the cities in. We have a long proud hiastory back to the vikings, and we have an amazing royale family, with Queen Margrethe 2 as the head.

2. What factors do you think that helped you to become a semifinalist?
I Think that a lot of people think im a sweet girl here, and therefore they want to help me make it to the semifinale, and now the finale. I was in the Europe group and was along some really inspiring amazing artist and creative girls, and that makes me so proud that people still think i deserve to win and therefore has voted for me. Im truely honored in that. Thank you very much.

3. What features do you think that the next Miss Stardoll World should have?
She has to be loyal, she has t be creative, she has to be a friendly and not arrogant, she has to helpfull and she has to be good a making rooms, designing or something. That is a good Miss Stardoll finalist :-)
I wish all the 33 other finalist the best of luck.