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Interview - Etana
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Opening English interviews.
More comming soon

Hello! My name is Christina I'm 16 years old I live in Russia! On Stardoll since 4 years ago! I love Stardoll!

What does it mean for you to be MSW?

MSW the most important event for Stardoll! every girl dreams to becoming on a winner of the MSW and wear the crown!  in 2010, my doll was a finalist of Russia! but did not win! I hope to get the victory this year! I really hope so! this is my dream!

How would you define your style?
I love the high fashion! I love the garment which is designed to display on the podium only once.
And there is one copy!
I don't like clothes for everyday life! I'm not interested in wearing such clothes on Stardoll! because  I have enough on real life. I love to think on the high fashion!

What proposal do you suggest to improve MSW at its next issue?

I want to vote held by the system Covergirl! Because a lot of unfair things in selecting the finalists in the country! Initially, the vote should belong to the world community!