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Interview with: evermore1Girl
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Today I bring you an Irish girl with a very creative suite and creator of very inspiring outfits. Her name in Stardoll is: evermore1Girl

Hello, my name is Robyn or as may you know me evermore1Girl. I am a 14 years old girl from Meath in Ireland. Sadly I never got an Irish accent, but I do have a really pale skin. I love Ireland's scenic views and magical forests, but I hate the rain and cold. This isn't stereotypical of Irish people, but yeah, I do love fairies and any kind of mystical beings really. I have always loved writing and more recently I have become a big fan of drawing.

1. How does it feel to represent your country?

I remember that I was having a bad day when I logged on and saw that I got through, well it made me feel so much better and it reminded me that I shouldn't be ungrateful, when a bad thing happens, another good thing can be right around the corner. Initially it also took a while to sink in, but now it just about has, I feel honored that I have this chance. That out of all the girls in Ireland they voted for me. That was a daunting prospect, I don't want to let them down, but it feels so good to be able to stand up for Ireland.

2. What factors do you think that helped you to become a semifinalist?

That is a tricky question. Um, I really don't have a clue. I didn't expect to get through at all. I try to be nice to everyone I speak to, in real life and on Stardoll. I wouldn't say it is my disastrous fashion sense. I would say it was the luck of the Irish and some of the many good friends who supported me and voted for me.

3. What advice would you give to those who failed to enter the semifinals?

I would say don't give up. It can seem to hopeless when you see how many other people are out there and want the same thing. If you are nice, be yourself and try to be very active it really helps. When others see your doll on visitor lists, sign in lists, writing in guestbooks, it encourages them to visit your suite and means more people see you.

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Thank you so much ♥

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