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Interview to Dejavu3645
martes, 4 de octubre de 2011 at 18:51 // 0 Comments // Author:

Today I have the opportunity to interview an amazing girl, finalist of South Africa !

 Nick: Dejavu3645
Country: South Africa

1. How does it feel to represent your country?
I’m overwhelmed and at same very proud to represent my home country in the MSW 2011 finals. I’ve always dreamt about flying the South African flag at a world event. I think it’s the first time a Stardoll member from Africa is in the MSW finals.

2. What factors do you think that helped you to become a finalist?
I think it’s my determination be the best in all aspects of my life. I love competing. When, I entered the MSW 2011, I thought to myself. I’m going to campaign like a president for the election. Also, my Stardoll friends, who help me to reach my goals. Without them, my dream would not come true. And I want to thank all Stardoll members for helping me.

What features do you think that the next Miss Stardoll World should have?
I would like to think that she can keep her fellow peeps entertained, and keep ahead of the pack with dynamic rooms and dress ups.
Kind of like the Kardashians constantly making fashion statements only in this case on Stardoll.

Thanks for answering the questions!!!