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interview with caiticat08
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Name: caiticat08Country I represent: Australia
1. How does it feel to represent your country?
- It feels AMAZING to represent my country! I cannot believe that everyone chose me as they're representative! There were many amazing dolls in the final and every single one deserved it just as much as the other! I hope I can do my country proud by winning the title. ;D
2. What factors do you think that helped you to become a semifinalist?
-The factors that I think helped me to become a semi finalist were: My amazing supporters and friends (love you guys!) and the fact that I spend a lot of time working on my suite and doll- I never seem to finish! Also having been on stardoll since the end of 2006 (my old account) helped me because I knew what people wanted in a finalist!
3. What features do you think that the next Miss Stardoll World should have?
I think the next Miss Stardoll World should have many features, they should have a wonderful personality, be able to talk and be friends with anyone no matter whether they are royalty, ss or non ss, and they should above all have a massive love for Stardoll! I think that I have all these qualities and more and would love to be your next MSW! :D
Thankyou so much for this interview, and I think your blog is great (: